Release Schedule
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Label Artist Title Format Cat.No. Barcode Release Date Genre
Woo-Dog Records Various Artists Nomadic Mind Compiled by Nilkanth CD WDOG006CD 5060376223644 2019-08-30 Psy Trance
Hadra Productions Various Artists Hadra Trance Festival 2019 2CD HADCD83CD 5060376223682 2019-08-30 Psy Trance
Sangoma Records Rezonant Time Code CD SANGCD024CD 5060376223613 2019-09-06 Psy Trance
Dubmission Pitch Black Third Light CD CDDUB089CD 192641317699 2019-09-13 Electronica
Dat Records K.U.R.O. & Charm Japanese Vibrations 3CD DATCD014CD 5060376223675 2019-09-13 Psy Trance
Matsuri Digital Funky Gong Be Humanized CD MD024CD 4526180488927 2019-09-20 Psy Trance
Zion 604 Records Tomocomo Venus Dawn CD EP ZION604CD020CD 4526180492290 2019-09-20 Psy Trance
Moon Koradji Records Various Artists Illusorium CD MKCD011CD 8003981020403 2019-09-20 Psy Trance
Altar Records Astral Waves Angelique CD ARCDA95CD 978991976201 2019-09-27 Chillout
Impact Studio Records Sundial Aeon Terragenesis CD ISRCD009CD 8003981020397 2019-09-27 Chillout
Dat Records Infinite Zen Goa Generator - TBC CD DATEP008CD 5060376222364 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Etnicanet Pleiadians Pyramid CD ET020CD 5060376223590 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Arka Sound Suns Of Arqa Wolf of Badenoch - TBC CD ARKACD33149CD 5060376223378 To Be Confirmed World Fusion
Catar Records Various Artists Nepeta Cataria - TBC CD CATCD003CD 5060376223422 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Digital Shamans Records Various Artists Insane Totems 2CD DSR007CD 5060376223668 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Woo-Dog Records Various Artists A Matter Of Perspective - TBC CD WDOG007CD 5060376223545 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Arka Sound Sprouthead Uprising Songs of Jesus - TBC CD ARKACD33150CD 5060376223569 To Be Confirmed World Fusion
2TO6 Records Signal2noise Ratio Full Scale Riot CD 2TO6CD022CD 5060376223583 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Etnicanet Various Artists Totemism 3 CD ET021CD 5060376223606 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Vantara Vichitra Records Various Artists Prismatic Symbiosis CD VVPNRCD001CD 5060376223651 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance