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Release Schedule
Please note: Some territory restrictions may apply
Label Artist Title Format Cat.No. Barcode Release Date Genre
Disco Gecko Recordings Animat How To Be A Shadow CD GKOCD024CD 5038719006025 2017-05-05 Chillout
Dat Records Morphic Resonance Trip To The Stars CD DATEP007CD 5060376222357 2017-05-12 Psy Trance
Suntrip K.O.B. Identity Mash CD SUNCD46CD 5060376222760 2017-05-12 Psy Trance
Active Meditation Music Seth Sonic Geometry CD AMMCD007CD 5060376222616 2017-05-19 Psy Trance
Where Ambient Lives Lingua Lustra Myst CD WAL002CD 611138661966 2017-06-09 Ambient
Harmonia Records Ridden Everything Is Sound - TBC CD HARMOCD020CD 5060376222005 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Tribal Records Total Eclipse Transmutation Part 2 - TBC CDS (CDr) TRI011CD 5060376222036 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Dat Records Infinite Zen Goa Generator EP - TBC CDS DATEP008CD 5060376222364 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Atoms Records Pultec Pure - TBC CD AT001CD 5060376222579 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
HOMmega Productions Various Artists HOMmega 20 - TBC 2CD HMCD95CD 8810341538382 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Sonic Loom Music Various Artists Up Psy Down - TBC CD SLM009CD 5060376222715 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Sangoma Records Various Artists Chacaruna - Compiled By Emiel - TBC CD SANGCD016CD 5060376222739 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Timecode Tickets Silent Solutions - TBC CD TCCD032CD 5060376222807 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Interchill Records Eat Static Last Ship To Paradise - TBC CD ICHILLCD056CD 5060376222791 To Be Confirmed Chillout
Woorpz Records Various Artists Lusadelic - Compiled by D_Maniac - TBC CD WZ135CD 5060376222814 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance