Release Schedule
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Label Artist Title Format Cat.No. Barcode Release Date Genre
Digital Shamans Records Various Artists Accalia Echoes - Compiled by Toxic Tegan CD DSR005CD 5060376223231 2018-06-29 Psy Trance
Alice-D Records The Nommos Remixes Vol 1 CD ALICEDCD020CD 8001050106621 2018-06-29 Psy Trance
Woorpz Records Various Artists Woorpz Factory CD WZ151CD 5060376223262 2018-07-06 Psy Trance
Disco Gecko Recordings LO18 Maa CD GKOCD030CD 5038719008128 2018-07-06 Chillout
Pink Hampster Recordings Orchid-Star Merge CD PHCD15CD 0721782432659 2018-07-13 Chillout
Interdimensional Recordings Nathassia Devine Sunrise CD ID001CD 5060376223279 2018-07-13 Chillout
Active Meditation Music Various Artists The Journey Within CD AMMCD008CD 5060376223293 2018-07-13 Psy Trance
Masters Of Puppets Various Artists Masters of Puppets Vol.2 - Compiled by Nocturnes Creatures CD MOPCD002CD 5060376222876 2018-07-20 Psy Trance
Liquid Drop Groove Various Artists N.O.W. (New Orbit Waves) Vol.1 CD LDG005CD 4560133246233 2018-07-27 Techno
Liquid Drop Groove Various Artists Chronika Chapter V - Compiled by Alex Tolstey CD LDG008CD 4526180450153 2018-07-27 Techno
Disco Gecko Recordings Andrew Heath Evenfall CD GKOCD031CD 5038719008326 2018-09-21 Chillout
Dat Records Infinite Zen Goa Generator EP - TBC CDS DATEP008CD 5060376222364 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Dat Records Various Artists Analog Visions - TBC CD DATCD011CD 5060376223125 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Dat Records Ganguru Be Your Own Guru - TBC CD DATCD012CD 5060376223132 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Suntrip E-Mantra Stapanii Timpului - TBC CD SUNCD51CD 5060376223248 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Sangoma Records Various Artists Kybalion - TBC CD SANGCD021CD 5060376223286 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance