Release Schedule
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Label Artist Title Format Cat.No. Barcode Release Date Genre
Goa Madness Records Proxeeus Non Euclidean Geometry CD GMRECCD012CD 8001901022711 2018-12-21 Psy Trance
Goanmantra Records Various Artists Goanritual Compiled by Dj Paolo CD GMCD13CD 5060376223491 2019-01-18 Psy Trance
Dat Records Various Artists Analog Visions CD DATCD011CD 5060376223125 2019-01-18 Psy Trance
Catar Records Arsiaba Transform CD CATCD002CD 5060376223415 2019-01-18 Psy Trance
Alex Tronic Records Neu Gestalt Controlled Substances CD ATRCD20184CD 5029385846893 2019-02-08 Electronica
Dat Records Infinite Zen Goa Generator EP - TBC CDS DATEP008CD 5060376222364 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Arka Sound Suns Of Arqa Wolf of Badenoch - TBC CD ARKACD33149CD 5060376223378 To Be Confirmed World Fusion
Suntrip Celestial Intelligence Incandescent - TBC CD SUNCD54CD 5060376223439 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Suntrip Psylent Buddhi Secrets Of The Atom - TBC CD SUNCD53CD 5060376223446 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Looney Moon Records Synkronic Space Monkeys - TBC CD LOMOCD010CD 5060376223453 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Catar Records Various Artists Nepeta Cataria - TBC CD CATCD003CD 5060376223422 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Damaru Records Various Artists Compound 9 - TBC CD DAMCD011CD 5060376223460 To Be Confirmed Tech Trance
Enterrec Soundragon Concept - TBC CD ENT022CD 5060376223484 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Sangoma Records Various Artists Sangoma Soundsystem 2 - Compiled by Daksinamurti & Emiel 2CD SANGCD023CD 5060376223507 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance