Release Schedule
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Label Artist Title Format Cat.No. Barcode Release Date Genre
Timecode Tickets Silent Solutions CD TCCD032CD 5060376222807 2017-07-28 Psy Trance
Sangoma Records Various Artists Chacaruna - Compiled By Emiel CD SANGCD016CD 5060376222739 2017-07-28 Psy Trance
Digital Shamans Records Various Artists Hidden Technologies - Compiled By Dj Dhira CD DSR004CD 5060376222913 2017-07-28 Psy Trance
Where Ambient Lives Quest Quay CD WAL003CD 611138662017 2017-08-18 Ambient
Active Meditation Music Seth Sonic Geometry CD AMMCD007CD 5060376222616 2017-09-08 Psy Trance
Liquid Sound Design The Irresistible Force Kira Kira CD LSD103CD 5060376222906 2017-09-08 Chillout
Enterrec Champa Goosebumps CD ENT004CD 5060376222937 2017-09-08 Psy Trance
Dat Records Infinite Zen Goa Generator EP - TBC CDS DATEP008CD 5060376222364 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Interchill Records Eat Static Last Ship To Paradise - TBC CD ICHILLCD056CD 5060376222791 To Be Confirmed Chillout
Hadra Productions Lapsykay Shamanic Therapy - TBC CD HADCD69CD 5060376222821 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Hadra Productions Kasadelica Evolve & Resolve - TBC CD HADCD68CD 5060376222869 To Be Confirmed Progressive
Masters Of Puppets Nocturnes Creatures Masters of Puppets Vol.2 - TBC CD MOPCD002CD 5060376222876 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Morphonic Records Various Artists Psykorigid 2 - Compiled By DJ Psykelo - TBC CD MPH126CD 5060376222890 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Sangoma Records Purist Aumpram - TBC CD SANGCD017CD 5060376222920 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Suntrip Astral Projection Let There Be Light - TBC CDS SUNCDEP02CD 5060376222951 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Zero One Music Tron Boundless - TBC CD ZOMCD014CD 5060376222944 To Be Confirmed Psy Trance
Digital Om Productions Tristate Believe It Or Not - TBC CD DOPCD009CD 5060376222975 To Be Confirmed Progressive
Hadra Productions Various Artists Hadra Trance Festival 10 - TBC CD HADCD70CD 5060376222982 To Be Confirmed Alternative