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Genre: Psy Trance

E-Fact is Hatha and Icy.

The Project E-FACT was idealized in 2005 by the djs HATHA and ICY. Producing together since 2001 they formed the group SPIRITUAL ENHANCER which got recognition and prestige, releasing some of their tracks under the main record labels such as SPUN REC from Ibiza and TIP WORLD from England.

Bringing together their experiences acquired on previous work, the new project has a set list with new music that goes from the groovy to the full on characterized by solid kick and bass lines, outstanding and innovative melodies with big potential for the dancefloors. In 2005 they had one of their tracks remixed by the group GMS. They have already performed in the main festivals of Brazil like Trancedence, Universo Parallelo and Tranceformation, beside artists such as: GMS, Wrecked Machines, Astrix, 1200mics, Dimitri Nakov, Protoculture, Dino Pasaras, among other great names of the international and national scene.


Orbital Frog - Compiled By Ed Tangent Orbital Frog - Compiled By Ed Tangent