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Fungus Funk  

Genre: Psy Trance

Fungus funk


Ever since Russian-Ukrainian born and Moscow based Sergey Prilepa began writing psytrance in 1998 and started putting out tracks as Fungus Funk back in 2001, releasing over the years on such fine labels as Acidance, Discovalley, Crystal Matrix, Deja Vu, Noize Conspiracy, Temple Twisters and many others, people have been screaming for more and more. F- People, the debut full length album from this twisted Russian producer, came out on Acidance. Overflowing with the groovy bass lines, aggressive synths, warm melodious pads and signature psychedelic atmospheres it was gratefully received by everyone in the global psytrance community. Sergey's music was described as a masterful balance of complex textures and arrangements that lead the listener through an intricate journey of that hazy period of time between night and morning. Sergey's second monster of an album titled 'Vostok 1' came out on the highly regarded Russian-Aussie label 'Blitz Studios' based in Melbourne; the album was written together with another Russian psytrance producer - Samadhi. This album once again firmly re-established Fungus Funk as a true master of psychedelic trance. Many wicked performances throughout the world followed Fungus Funk's initial appearance on global trance scene some years ago. Today Fungus Funk is a very respectable figure among the top-notch psytrance producers of the planet, playing such huge parties as Boom Festival in Portugal, Sonica Festival in Italy and Transcendence Festival in Brazil just to name a few.. The Fungus Funk revolution is hereÖ You have been warnedÖ


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