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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Krumelur is Fredrik Larsson.

Krumelur is Fredrik Larsson, born 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1996 he was introduced to the art of making music with a computer and was instantly hooked. Using a very crude early program called "Fast Tracker 2" he began experimenting with music he never before really knew: electronic music. Shortly after this he went to his first "rave" and quickly became a frequent visitor to events that included long nights and pumping bass oriented music.

Sometime around 1998 the krumelur project was born, following a period of early dj-experimenting.
With krumelur the music became more focused and dancefloor oriented and he started for the first time to play his own tracks to friends and on parties.

To his surprise people liked it and in 2002 his debut album Minimal Animal was released through Crotus Records, Denmark. Fredrik, now living in Malmö in southern Sweden, found himself being booked for gigs throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Simultaneously with the album release, krumelur tracks were being released in compilations throughout the world. Now in 2006 Krumelur continues to push the boundaries of experimental, dancefloor electronica.

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