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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Benza

A man of many guises, Ben Rynderman has led a chameleonic existence in Australia’s music industry for many years.

Some will know a pianist and keyboard player of the highest calibre, his skills having accompanied such diverse acts as Josh Abrahams and Australian Idol winner Natalie Gauci. More again will know him from his current incarnation as General Manager of foundational Australian Hip Hop label Obese Records, where he oversees the business operations of arguably Australia’s most successful independent label.

Most, however, will know him as Benza – producer, remixer, DJ and proud Australian export to the international Psychedelic Trance community for over 10 years. Having toured extensively through Europe, Japan, the US, South America, Russia and Israel, Ben has truly established himself as a force in the world's electronic scene.

His debut self-titled album, released on Demon Tea Recordings in 2003, was met with worldwide critical acclaim, touted as "proper psychedelia with everything you ever needed to fly." (DJ Times Magazine) Retrofuturism (Sonic Dragon Records, 2005), drew on the somewhat quirky strengths of his first album and pushed new psychedelic horizons, allowing for significant exposure to the international stage.

Never shying away from risk or possibility, his third album, Schwarze Now, The Defender (Sonic Dragon Records, 2007) witnessed a mature and subtly complex shift
in style – maintaining critical elements of Psy-Trance dancefloor focus, but embracing the new era waves of Electro and serious House. This new sound was met with open arms, described as a "contender for album of the year. 10/10" (

The release of album #4 sees Ben join forces with Psy-Harmonics and their sister label Sub – genuine pioneers in Australia’s electronic landscape.With if (SUB 2009), Ben has shown again that he won’t be constrained by the parameters of style or genre. Tracks have slowed down, resembling more a psychedelic work in Tech-House than the Housey Psy-Trance of the Schwarze era. Elements are stripped back, allowing sonic textures room to breathe without the incessant layering of melody. Psychedelic elements are pushed forward as the hero of a soundscape rather than providing decoration for ‘hands in the air’ moments. Case in point - Jacob, an otherwise ambient chapter of this ambitious album, features a blistering verse from Australian Hip Hop icon Bias B. There is risk here, handled with class.
The album oozes sophistication, yet remains entirely humble – inviting a listener to step beyond their preconceived sonic notions in to an experience . It really begs the question, if.