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Genetic Spin  

Genre: Psy Trance

Genetic Spin is Michael Schultz.


Genetic Spin is Michael Schultz from Denmark. Born in 1980 and living in Copenhagen his whole life. In the year 2000 “Genetic Spin” enters the psytrance scene from which it shows its flexibility and purity in making different tracks with a sure sense of style. Since 2000 Genetic Spin released 2 Studio Albums “On-Off” (Creamcrop Records), “Backspin” (Nervine Records) and a single called “Lowrider” (Creamcrop Records). Beside the studio albums Genetic Spin released about 37 tracks in more than 19 different Labels until now.

Goa Fruits Vol. 1 Goa Fruits Vol. 1
Spin City Spin City