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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Ital

Daniel Carcur Arredondo aka Ital, a musician of Chilean origin, an engineer in sound, Label manager of Antu Records Chile (south america), producer of Psytrance music and dj, has been in contact for more than 13 years in the musical world, starting his carrier playing guitar, going through several styles of popular music, until he arrived to his true passion: Psychedelic Trance! He started the year 2001 with his friend Andrés Rodillo with whom he got involved into the production of Psytrance electronic music, forming one of the pioneering projects of the local scene: “Metatron”. In the beginning, experimenting with samplers, synthetizers and audio software allowed them to introduce themselves to the national electronic world, playing live and with great success in different places of the country. Three years later, in 2004, he decided to create his own project, “Ital”, which in Patois african dialect means purity, and began to promote himself in different scenes of America and Europe. Each production of Ital has as its fundamental concept the expansion of all the purity that surrounds us, channelling through music all the divine and universal energy that surrounds, projecting it as sound waves towards our surrounding universe. Ital has played in the most important events of his country (Chile) and also in some of the great recognized Festivals world-wide including Universo Paralello, Tranceformation, Earthdance, Fora do tempo, Trancendence, Samsara,  Soul Vision, Moonflower (Argentina) and Amazontribe.

In 2007 Daniel signed for the English label Free Spirit Records, created by Jay OM.  Today it is one of the most recognized psytrance labels in the world, comprising many great artists including like M-Theory, Twenty Eight, and Journey, among others. Ital’s music is characterized for being a Full-on groove with its very own character and style, full of atmosphere, much groove and psychedelic vibes. He has already released music in several compilations under Free-Spirit Records, Enzyme, Morphonic, Moonsun, Freeze magazine, Yellow sunshine explosion and soon in Solar tech, Antu & Millenium Records. In march 2008, he released his digital EP: Activation energies with the German label Planet Ben Records. Then in June 2008, he released his first full album: Ital * Spiritual vibes * with Antu Records Chile. He compiled the first VA and second release of Antu records called: Elementos Sagrados which was released in February 2009.

Ital has just finished his second album "The World Of Spirit Plants" due for release in June 2009 on Free-Spirit Records.



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