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Genre: Psy Trance

Kindzadza is Leo Greshilov


Kindzadza is one of the most successful and innovative Trance producers today. His phenomenal sound fuels dance floors all over the world. He has many releases on compilations, as well as a special compilation ‘Kindzadza and Friends’ and a solo album ‘Waves from Outer Space’.

He was born in Russia, Moscow. The exact time is not yet known by scientists.Little Leo really enjoyed to take clocks and watches apart.When he got bored of that, he began to build computers. Once he found out that computers can make nice sounds.Later he came to Goa India, met with full power and learned howthings are organized in time and space.
Since that time he has been creating psychedelic trance for powerfull dancing.He thinks that the dance is the most available way to reachharmony with inner and outer space,proved to be true by centuries. 


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