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Aes Dana  

Genre: Chillout
Description: Aes Dana is Vincent Villuis and Sunbeam
Vincent Villuis has composed music for 15 years now, releasing 5 albums and tracks on 20 compliations. Aes Dana is born from the meeting of Vincent Villuis, former member of goa chill band Asura, and Sunbeam (aka Mahiane) who spins English progressive vinyls. Aes Dana stands as a coherent fusion of both styles. They bring out deep sounds rooted in the psychedelic tradition, in a fluid down tempo morning trance.

Short tales made of samples and waves, energised by tribal beats. Soundtrack for the early party, letting time for the moon and the tempo to set, or for afters to slow down the nocturnal excesses and celebrate the return of the Sun. Aes dana's music is to be enjoyed between the veils.

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