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Sattel Battle  

Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Sattel Battle

"Sattel Battle:
Elad (a.k.a Tsabeat) creating psytrance music since 2002.
since then realesed more then 30 tracks in compilations with many labels like "Doof", "Vertigo", "Parvati", "Zaikadelic", MMR, debut album with "gi'iwa", and many more.

soon 2nd album on Adapted Records. on the dancefloor already well known in israel russia and australia, with apearence in major events like 'moksha silvester 2005', paganka gilboa sessions 2004-2006, lately resident in kipod crew events, as well 'trimutri festival' in moscow 2006, 'khan altai solar eclipse' in syberia 2008, superfreak festival, basscamp crew parties and tribadelic gathering in australia 2007/8, and many many more =) "