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Ghreg On Earth  

Genre: Psy Trance

 As an aural architect, Ghreg constructs sonic structures of mysterious, melodious worlds evoking the dark alcove of the mind; haunting soundtracks to engage the shadowy and mystical side of both the body and the soul. His timeless sound realizes the magickal properties of music to guide people into cinematic passages of expanded personal experience, offering spaces otherwise concealed in the deep abyss of the subconscious.

In 1994 Ghreg got his first taste of the emerging sounds of Trance and within two years began composing his own material in his small bedroom studio. Over the next few years his distinctive sound, heavily influenced by his passion for Industrial Music from the 1980s, IDM from the early 90s and Dark Ambient, evolved and found its way into parties and festivals throughout the United States and the World. Festivals he has performed at include the Ypy Poty Festival on the Ubatamarium Beach in Brazil in February 2002, the Phoenix Festival in Portland Oregon in July 2002, and the AsOne Festival in Eugene Oregon in the summer of 2003.

Over the years Ghreg On Earth, also known as Phosphene (a studio side project for experimental trancescapes and ambient modes), has had numerous releases on labels such as USTA (Israel), TimeCode (South Africa), Soular Records (USA), & Spectral Concepts (USA). Upcoming releases are scheduled for InnerSound/Ipsyde (Italy), Spontaneous Aerobics (Germany) & Mistress Of Evil (USA). He has also held countless spots at parties with artists such as Xenomorph, MOS, Olli Wisdom, Hux Flux and Anti, with his unique sound finding it's way into the sets of Kris Kylven, Aleph (Phyx), Xenomorph, Penta and Goa Gil, to name a few.

Ghreg currently calls San Francisco, CA, his home, where he has spent the last four years promoting the emerging twisted sounds coming from North America and abroad as A&R Manager for Spectral Concepts. His intention is to convey a diverse range of powerful trance dancing experiences to the planet. With this intention in mind, he is quickly being recognized as one of the most sought after psychedlic electronic music producers.

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