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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: S Range is Anthony Sillfors
After cruising around the world on his wheels as a professional skateboarder, Anthony Sillfors first got his first magical dose of trance on a vacation in Mexico in 1992. Since then, he has been a regular party chaser around the world. In the late nineties, he decided that it was about time to send his own sonic frequencies into outer space and started producing music. Releases on labels such as Flying Rhino, Midijum, Spiral Trax and MDMA in Israel soon followed.
In no time, Anthony became an internationally respected and recognized artist. Furthermore, he is now a part of the artists relationship program from Steinberg Technology AB. He is now based in Gothenburg and is belting out tunes in a furious tempo from D.O.S Mission Control Centre. According to Anthony, the music is best described as "a sci-fi sound effects orientated morning trance." We just call it banging trance with nice harmonies and a huge soundscape.
One of Sweden's top producers, S>Range has released 2 albums and featured on more then 70 releases that sold over 350.000 records worldwide, this makes him one of the most successful Trance acts in the scene.
After his hugely popular debut album, '2001', Anthony Sillfors is back with another piece of sci-fi sample laden high-energy morning trance. Since the release of his first album '2001', Anthony has been constantly on the road, jetting between continents to perform for the global trance community and receiving euphoric reactions.
For example in Brazil, Japan, Israel, Mexico and Australia, he has reached the pinnacle of attention and gratitude. With his 3rd upcoming album 'Another Theory', Anthony continues in his unique style of uplifting party tunes, but with a more full-on twist. He blends full-on psychedelic with the more traditional elements of trance. He has continued to develop his skills for a crispier and cleaner production, combining heavy string pads with pumping bass lines and packing the tracks with samples from outer space.