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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Tron is Patricio Tron

For the better part of this decade, one of the most noteworthy, unique artists riding for forefront of both the booming Mexican and greater global trance scenes is Tron. This pioneer is known for his signature brand of dance-heavy sound ranging from full on funky to psychedelic morning, with plethoras of squiggly synth digitalism thrown in to keep your mind rolling along with your feet. Within a scant two years of his beginnings along the path of trance production and performance, Tron was playing jaw-dropping shows across his home country, quickly making a name for his outside the envelope display of music. His first album, Existence, hit shelves worldwide and was received with unprecedented acclaim and feedback, landing him bookings at some of the world's most legendary events in some of the most exotic locales.
He has collaborated with many artists from all over the world like: Dickster (Nano Recs.), Darshan (Flying Rhyno/Distinctive/Iboga), Flip Flop (Alchemy Recs.), Chameleon (Dragonfly), Beatnik (Liquid Recs.) Ecliptic (Maia Recs./Undergroove), Mood Deluxe (Liquid Recs.), Vazik (Sounds of Earth), Shove (Alchemy/SoE) to name a few.

He has played in festivals such as: Glastonbury Festival (2007) UK, Glade (2005-2007) UK, Life (2007) Ireland, Underwater Overgrownd (2006) Croatia, Wickerman Festival (2005-2006) Scotland, Monte Mapu (2008) Chile, Fora do Tempo (2008) Brazil, Universo Paralello (2009) Brazil and in clubs and parties in Croatia, Italy, Holland, Chile, UK, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Brazil and obviously his homeland. Clearly one of the best and most recognized producers of Psytrance in Mexico.


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