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Genre: Psy Trance

DJ Sangeet has been spinning music professionally since 1985. He has DJ-ed, produced and promoted parties since the early days and is considered one of the pioneers of Trance in Germany. DJ Sangeet has played all over the world including India, Africa, America, Sweden, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Macedonia, Greece, Portugal, Israel, Australia, Ibiza and France. In the last years he has also played regularly at many big Open Air festivals such as the Voov-Experience, Lovefield, Antaris Project and Fusion Festival. He has produced music under different names with many partners such as Sun Project, Electric Universe and Mino. He has released on labels such as Matsuri, Transient, Spiritzone and Freeform. Having played a progressive style for some years, he returned to psytrance in 2003.

In the middle of 2004 he met Mullekular. Together they write music as SALARIS. In 2005 DJ Sangeet rebuilt his studio and started work on his 4th album. Furthermore he has frequently worked at the Voov-Experience-Festival as a part of the production team doing artist support and stage management on the Ambient and Alternative stage. At this time his focus is on creating music that he hope's will awaken joy. "I am trying to synthesize a symbiosis combining the intensity and driving force of Full On with melodic elements on one side and wicked samples and noises on the otherside".

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