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Genre: Chillout
Description: Mauxuam Is Maurizio Liguori

Mauxuam aka Maurizio Liguori aka 1210 aka Capt. Kyò started to make electronic music at the end of the 80's in Italy. At that time he was a DJ for some local and pirate radio stations in Bologna and was also organizing many underground club nights and concerts.

In 1992 he had his first release on Nation Records in the UK with the Italian band Technogod, a group that toured throughout Europe often opening act for bands like Consolidated, Meat Beat Manifesto and The Young Gods. Around the same time he founded the Lost Legion Alien Collective and Ohmega Tribe, both of whom released music with the seminal ambient label Silent Records amongst others.

At the end of the last century Maurizio worked as a producer and remixer for the mainstream Italian music industry as well as doing a few soundtracks for commercials (Volkswagen); theatre and performance (Motus); independent video productions; and cartoons (with Basmati). Towards the end of the millennium though, disillusioned by the music business and consumer culture, he sold all of his electronic gear and left for a long nomadic trip to spend many years traveling between India and Australia.

After a long break, Mauxuam started to play with computers again doing visuals and some music while traveling where he played as a VJ and DJ at events in South Africa, India, Australia, Turkey, Macedonia, UK, Portugal, Italy and Spain. In 2005 he started to release music again on compilations with Interchill Records, Indica Music and Electronic Soundscapes.

Over the last 2 years Mauxuam has played live at major festivals and events like the Eclipse in Turkey, Sonica in Italy, Synergy Project in London and Waveform and Glade in the UK. He has also collaborated with Interchill artist Ashtech doing the electronics and dubbing for live shows.

Mauxuam Live

2008 >> Boom Festival (Portugal), Glade Festival (UK), Electric Picnic (Ireland)
2007 >> Existence (Barcelona), Synergy Project (London), Sunrise Celebration (UK), Waveform Project (UK), Sonica (Italy), Glade Festival (UK).
2006 >> Soulclipse (Turkey), Sonica (Italy), Utopia (Portugal), video installation at Liminal village - Boom Festival (Portugal)
2004 >> Video installation at Liminal Village - Boom Festival (Portugal)

Viceversa Viceversa
Tranchillizer Tranchillizer
Sub Signals Vol. 1 Selected & Mixed by Gaudi Sub Signals Vol. 1 Selected & Mixed by Gaudi