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Genre: Chillout

Ihor is Themis  Ksafis


Themis  Ksafis  is 32 years old. He has started his music journey at the age of 17 when he got his first drums set . Since then he has been playing the drums with different thrash metal and rock bands until he discovered electronic music. It was at 94 when he went  to the first  trance parties in Greece and after he started listen chill out and ambient from artists like the Orb, the total eclipse and the infinity project.
Since then he set up his  own studio and started to produce and  compose his own chill out  - freestyle  tunes .
Themis explores the wide possibilities of ambient ,deep, atmospheric and organic as he performs live percussion and vocals on top of his tracks.
Since 2003 he has been performing live at parties and festivals around Greece with his unique style, he plays his downtempo  live and he accompanies it with live percussion!
Best Live shows : Twilight Zone 2004-2005(Gr) Samothraki Gathering 2005, Buterfly Festival 2006 


Feelings For Healing Feelings For Healing