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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Stereographic

The project Stereographic is musician André Santana Camargos.

Born on 21 June, 1980, André began his musical life at the age of 9, studying piano.  At the age of 15, he started studying classical guitar and playing electric guitar and bass with friends on jam sessions, where they used to play punk rock and heavy metal.

André has been a psytrance producer since 2001, and his project gained more shape and quality in 2004 developing a strong personal identity wich could be felt strongly troughout his tracks.

Stereographic was one of the first live acts of underground music in Brazil and in America to ever start producing and releasing music with a quite impressive list of releases on various labels wordwide so far.  His music is played by a large number of respectable DJs around the world.

His music ranges from deep, fat and slightly melodic morning & twilight sounds to his more powerfull technoid night time tunages, Quality-wise his productions stand out strongly from the masses; all of them are produced with manic skull-crushing kicks layered on top of massive thundering bass lines and true tales of psychedelic.

Visible Sounds Visible Sounds
Doing Lines Doing Lines
Careful Round Us Careful Round Us