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Karma Crop (Sidhartha Vs Khopat)  

Genre: Psy Trance

Karma Crop is a side project between Francisco Vieira and Vasco Pedrosa both with classical music background. Coming from Portugal this project was born in 2004 after some successfully collaborations in previous tracks durring 2003, so they decided to join and produce new stuff based on powerful kicks, dynamic bass lines, psychedelic leads with crazy effects and a melodic touch making they’re music perfect for the transition from the night into morning as the sun rises in the sky….

Karma Crop first release was out in February 2005 at Metatron Productions in compilation Need for Speed compiled by Aran Oren and Digitaly Mastered by Yaniv Shulman at Aleph Zero Mastering Studios.

Metatron production is proud to present the compilation "Need for Speed". This Compilations creates a new standard in psy music and gives you a colorful 9 exclusives & unreleased tracks from artists of metatron production with the taste of tomorrow – Nemesis Divine, Technodrome and Stukpump among well known and talented artists around the globe.

We define light as part of the wave form of the galaxy when multitudes of waves intermix they define x-ray heat, color, sound, electricity, & ultraviolet, the mixture of that is the matrix of Metatron. The electricity sound, the heat and the x-ray ultraviolet colors are a part from this psychedelic smashing dance floor compilation.

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