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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Menog is Daniel Bernardo

age:27 (2006)

His introduction and interest for electronic music started at the first Boom Festival in 1998.
five years later Dani released his first album "Natural Behavior" under the name Menog
on the label Starsounds Rec. from Greece, in 2003.
2005 he releases EMOTIONS! cd002 from Spectral Records,and 2º solo album.
Menog is also one of the founders and manager of Spectral Records.

Since then he released several tracks on various compilation and labels worldwide.
like Planet ben rec.,Shiva Space Tech,Phantasm rec,Space Tribe Music,Nutek,Digital Psionics rec.,
Fungi Rec,Noize Conspiracy,Hadra rec.,etc....
Lately Menog’s music is being played worldwide thru his super emotional and enthusiastic live
In the past 3 years he played in parties all over the world like India,Brasil,Russia,Autralia,
Portugal, etc..

His 3º album is a remix album,will be released on Nutek Records.
remixes such as CPU,Space Tribe,Bliss,Rinkadink,Shift just to name a few...

Emotions is what he likes to create on people, when he plays on stage.
His music is a story with a beginning, middle and end.
All his tracks are made with one make people DANCE!!


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