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Genre: Psy Trance

d.N.i / Endless Euforia project's is Adolfo Usier

d.N.i / Endless Euforia project's is Adolfo Usier from Sao Paulo-SP, Brasil.

His musical background is Rock, Metal and Heavy Metal. Band's that d.N.i listening are: Black Sabath, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pantera, Slayer, Sepultura, Biohazard, Iron Maiden, Mettalica, Nivana, Guns'n Roses, Korn, etc...
He Met the psychedelic trance in 1999 when he lived in the north of brasil in TRANCOSO-BA and he was interested so much in the styles that existed at that time. December of 2005...

Adolfo Usier known music production, he began to produce in 2006 with fruity loops, cubaseSX3 and the latest NUENDO 3.
d.N.i searchs innovations in the scene trance and dedicates many hours per day improving his work and his project. His project is returned to innovations and his style is a mixture of psychedelic Dark Twisted and Dark Full On, his tracks are going from 148 bpm at 160 BPM. Because of his unique style, the positive energy that he puts on his lives set. d.N.i started to build a strong name in the international scene in 2007.
These experiences had a huge impact on him and his music, it made him decide to leave Brazil for some time in order to keep learning from other cultures and scenes and to have the oportunity to explore different styles and influences. So he Moved to Swiss and Spain, where he played all around the countries in festivals like EQUINOCCIO, A COSTA DEL SOL , ACHUGOA, HYPNOTIC DANCERS, IBIZA(RODDY ALIEN FESTIVAL), EVERLAND FESTIVAL and others. The basic characteristic of his music is the frenetic style, accelerated and very incorporate frenzied beats and a psychedelic basslines; agressive, clean and serious. Yours effects are some acid elements, he's crazy all in the dancefloors....

N-Joy the music...