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Jaws Underground  

Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Jaws Underground

Artist  Bio :
JAWS UNDERGROUND is alexandre joly , from France .
He discovers trance in 1994 at the gaia 4 festival with Juno-Reaktor's live act (for the first time in france)
he decides to compose music after this live and the spirit of the trance parties!
In 2005, he creates his project "Jaws Underground".Then he sign with petethemoon records and the track "access denied" comes out on Anthares and Petethemoon's compilation (Anthares). So he starts to play at many parties in france and collaborates with United Spirit in creating together a track (Low Signal Design) in his album "i want your kick"
He listen different styles of music: troublemakers, radiohead, yes, pink floyd, metallica, the doors, zappa, gong, and more...
and of course trance music with: juno reaktor, total eclipse, talamasca, g.m.s, sirius isness, james compressor, domestic, exaile, shift, biogenesis, csx, mesmerizer, safi conection, phonic request, silicon sound.
In january 2007 he carries out his work with his first album "Lost in the sound"
and released "get your freak on" (daft punk remix) in april, compilation "Goa N°21" by Millenium Records uk
and played in many partys and festivals:
ethnocity in december at "the glaz'art" France, existence Dance Fetival in Barcelona the 30 of december, Nomads'new year party the 01 of january in London, The crazy castel party the 09 of february in France.
In 2008 he released his second psychedelik album "Algorythme" in december with a video clip for the album promotion, a compilation with sindar prod (organic drugs) the existence dance festival team , a bom shanka music compilation (pirates revolution) and many bookings all around the world: overzone party in italia the 18 october, Imagepflege party in hambourg the 01 November, and GanjaTree & Looney Moon rec "purple visions" the 14 february 2009.
In the another way, he create ambiant/electro music for pupett performer's plays in theatre (la compagnie parapluie)


Goa Trax Vol 1 Goa Trax Vol 1