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Bus (Gus Till)  

Genre: Psy Trance
Gus Till has been active as a musician/ producer and DJ since the Punk days of the 70's in Melbourne Australia. He was the keyboard player for many new wave groups, was part of Michael Hutchence’s 'Max Q' project, which was a big success in Australia in the late 80's and formed the seminal 'Third Eye' with Ollie Olsen. During this period Gus also worked in advertising and produced the theme music for several TV shows.

Towards the end of the 80's he recorded a project with Bono and Edge (from U2) and Todd Terry, the famous House producer. At this stage Gus shifted to New York for a year, then Paris for 3 years before moving to London where he remained until shifting to Bali with his family a few years ago. During the last 10 years he has also worked with African Jazz/Soul legend Manu Dibango, Nina Hagen, Jamiroquai and worked as the in-house engineer at Youth’s Butterfly studios. Gus then joined forces with Flying Rhino, helping to build their studio and becoming the in house engineer and also became a part of 'Slinky Wizard'. His sound and production was ever growing in popularity, as was his prolific release schedule with over 60 tracks including tracks such as: hit & run, Licensed to slink, Everyday, Beautiful people, bullet, 4 those about to trance, let’s go, released under his own name, BUS or Slinky Wizard, Death Snare Pussies, Jammy wizard, Monster Vision Inc., Planet Slink, Slug, Slinky Nuns, Stoop & Fidget, tufftekk, Venus, Rock City Shocks, Turban Bloc and as 'Zen Lemonade' with his wife Cozi (DJ Supercozi) on labels such as Flying Rhino, Dragonfly, Spiral Trax, TIP World, 10 kilo, Blueroom, Liquid sound design, Atomic, Neurobiotic Records, Iboga, Turbo Trance, Phonokol etc..

Gus has traveled extensively as a DJ, performing to thousands at festivals in Greece, Japan, Mexico, Chile ,Portugal, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, France, UK, Israel, USA , Zambia, Morocco, Australia, Thailand, Finland, Croatia, Bolivia Finland, Italy etc..

He is currently living on the Island of the Gods, Bali, and has been doing gigs in and around Tokyo, Jakarta and Melbourne and is one of the in-house DJ's at KuDeTa in Bali, He is busy working on a plethora of new projects ranging from working with a Balinese gamelan orchestra, recording new chill out material and writing new material for the next Zen Lemonade album, last year he released a retrospective of his earlier downbeat/ dub pieces titled 'Dub Shadows' on Cyan Music and another album of stunning new ambient compositions titled 'Electric Oceans’ on Japanese label 30th Co. both to much critical acclaim

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