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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Kalumet

Kalumet (Zoltan Vajda, Hungary) started his musical career in 1993 as a bass player in a school band. One year later he attended his first dance party and his interests turned towards contemporary electronic music. When his band split up, he got a computer and started to create his own sounds with acoustic and electronic instruments such as guitars, percussions, synths, and of course the computer. His first tracks were trance, dub, breakbeat and jazzy jungle tunes. In the same time he and his friends founded a party promoter and dj collective project called Alapzaj. The group was a significant point in the underground techno scene of Budapest. The first released track (a remix of the famous Hungarian band, Korai ÷rˆm from 1998) was soon followed by others on several compilations. By this time he had deepened in psychedelic trance and concentrated on producing quality psychedelic music. His unique style was highly appreciated so he become a well-known artist in Hungary. More and more releases and gigs came, and that time he realised that making musical fusions are the most important things in creating new sounds so he started to mix genres in a tasty manner. His first international big success was his live act on legendary Boom Festival in 2004 in Portugal. Kalumet is always busy with different projects: making riddims for ragga mc's, playing bass and guitar on a hip hop recording session, composing music for films and theater pieces, running side projects like Rezzonance Dogs, Tupoliev, Monotonists, Ork Monk, Trevor McGregor and Kalumet in Dub.


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