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In R Voice  

Genre: Psy Trance
Artist Profile:
In R Voice is Denis Kozlov started his music career in Moscow in 1992. Making him one of the pioneers of electronic music in Russia. In 1993 radio play brought his music its first popularity with the track 'Ne Voules Vous Pas'.  It was top of the Russian dance music charts at Russia's number one fm radio station, MAXIMUM. After a series of concerts in famous Moscow venues Den Kozlov won a Laureate Diploma for Innovation in Music, awarded by the Russian Ministry of Culture. After three years of making psy trance gigs and parties in Russia with ‘RESONANCE CLUB SOUND SYSTEM’, Denis brought his interesting ideas to England with the idea of creating a unique sound in the 'Spiral starship studios' in London, bringing his innovative music out of the ghetto’s of Moscow to a worldwide audience.
It was then that he found success. Whilst traveling and looking for the musical inspiration he played many gigs and parties for Mindscapes, Karroo, Antiworld , Tribe of Frog and Enzyme.the UK, with bookings in large live concerts and took part in festivals of electronic music in famous London venues like THE DROME (Mindscapes Party, Antiworld), TYSSEN STUDIOS-THE THEATRE FACTORY (Cosmic Carrot, Antiworld, Resonoise), EQ ARENA (Chichime). In 1996 at an ‘OTHERWORLD’ party, he found the inspiration he needed.  By the end of the 2004, Den Kozlov had given nearly 30 live gigs at large and small venues in London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Bristol together with world famous musicians and Djs from all-over the globe. Since then IN R VOICE have been rocking dance floors near you.

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