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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Aerospace is Guy Youngman
Guy Youngman is a 33 year old artist from Nahariya, Israel. After being involved in rock and metal from young age, he came to trance in 1995. In 1998 he started dj-ing as DJ Guyshanti and producing own tracks, also as one of two “Evil Drug Lords”, a project, that released more than twenty tracks on well known label compilations in four years. Furthermore, he co-founded and is host to a weekly trance radio magazine. In 2005 Guy began his solo progressive trance project Aerospace.

Aerospace’s debut album EARTH is already a success: one of the first Israeli progressive productions and one of the finest progressive trance albums ever released by MIDIJUM. It’s self contained concept describes a journey around Earth and the universe.

You might as well call it minimal psychedelic trance. Crystal clear produced sounds and elaborate stereo effects come alive. Exceptional vocal samples melt together with light melodic sounds, soft bass lines and warm rolling kick drums around 136 to 138 bpm. Each track is a downright dj tool and can be played at various speed without loss of quality.
Several test runs on parties in Israel and Germany already showed: this sound rocks the floor. We are sure you will enjoy the ride … with Aerospace – Earth!
Keep it groovin’

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