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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Filteria  Jannis Tzikas
After his stunning first album in 2004, Filteria is back with "Heliopolis".

Heliopolis - greek for city of the sun - describes perfectly Filteria's music: Massive superpsychedelic full-on goa trance opening windows on enlightening journeys into the sun.

This year, Jannis improved his production and style, still hardcore dancefloor material with tracks like "Speech Module" or "Rotate to Vibrate", but also more storytellings with "Mind Expansion" or "Reflected". The album also includes a remix by the Swedish ambient master Solar Fields and a breathtaking remix of the legendary "Lunar Civilisation" track by Crop Circles!

Jannis "Filteria" Tzikas is a producer from Stockholm, Sweden.
His first contact with psychedelic music was in 1996. He got amazed by the energy of the music and started buying some synths to make something of his own. After 5 years of tweaking, he bought himself a new computer and started this psychedelic project in 2003.

As an artist he tries to keep the true spirit of psychedelic trance : No stereotyped formatted boring bass & breaks, no repetitiveness. If you're addicted to melodic mornings, twisted unreal melodies and crazy climaxes, Filteria has the true melodic morning sound you're looking for!

His first live performance was in late 2003. Since, he's been sending dance floors to space in Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Mexico and is scheduled for festivals next summer.

Filteria released his first album "Sky Input" in November 2004 on Suntrip Records, several tracks on compilations in 2005, including VA-Phase3 and VA-Explorers on Etnicanet and Apsara on Suntrip. He also has tracks scheduled with Tranceform and Kagdila records and trusted Suntrip again for "Heliopolis".

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