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Genre: Electronica
Description: Cosmosophy

After years of performing, writing and recording music together in various projects flutist Pearce Van Der Merwe and percussionist-multi-instrumentalist Daniel Symons decided to create a duo together called COSMOSOPHY. After the success of their debut solo albums "Flooting Grooves--Upsyde Downe", "Dymons-Druids Brew" and their bands' album "The Peaking Godddess Collective-Organika" produced with Ajja, Master Margherita, DJ Gaspard, and Tanya (founders of Peak Records), Pearce and Dan are creating new concoctions of sounds different to all the previous releases... After touring all summer with their various live acts they headed back to the studio with loads of inspiration from the smiling dancefloors and chillouts from around the world! The result is a promising album released by Elestial Records and distributed by Arabesque Distribution, UK.... Cosmosophy is coming soon... on a sound system near you! The live set is extremely versatile as it is modulable to fit nicely on a mainstage, an afternoon dancefloor, alternative stage, or in the chillout area...
(See also: Dymons, Flooting Grooves, The Peaking Goddess Collective)


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