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Matthew Florianz  

Genre: Chillout
Description: Matthew Florianz

Matthew has released a number of albums on the H/S Recordings label has rapidly gained a reputation for imaginative writing and stunningly atmospheric work. In 2000 he released his album The Tone T(h)ree which stayed on the top of download lists for months. The album was recently re-released by H/S Recordings - the seventh to be released in nearly five years of collaborations with the UK-based label.

The H/S Recordings relationship started with the release of GrijsGebied in 2001. It garnered a lot of attention from press and public alike, especially endorsed by Dutch classic music broadcaster Radio 4 and more recently on BBC's Late Junction.  

Matthew’s Music features regularly on BBC Radio 3 Programmes and has featured on Classic FM’s Chiller Cabinet, Radio 1’s One Click documentary series and on various Airline in-flight entertainment programmes. His music has also been successfully licensed to corporate clients, including US Healthcare firm Remodulin®

Matthew has also scored several PC games, most recently including ‘Alpha Black Zero’ and ‘Eurocop’.


2006    Niemandsland     (ambient / 61.00 / not yet released)
2005     Eurocops         (video game score / additional dark ambient textures)
2004     Alpha Black Zero        (video game score / pc cd rom)  
    The Tone T(h)ree       (classic ambient / 52.29 /re-release of 2001 album)
2003     Three            (ambient / 71.26)
    Self             (dark ambient / 58.48 / ltd edition)
2002    Electronic Forest        (live / 64.11 / with erik 't sas, joris de man)
2001  Molenstraat                 (live / 61.32 /with erik t'sas)
2001    open stage         (live / 161.03 / ltd edition / with ivo selder, bill brisette, stan linders)      
                                               GrijsGebied     (ambient / 68.00)