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Dirty Saffi  

Genre: Psy Trance
Description: .

Dirty Saffi are a sushi loving couple that make clean minimal trance; some people call it night-time style, but they just prefer to see it as high grade psychedelic dance music.
 Dirty Saffi is Al from Psymmetrix and DJ Nuky; one is a production monkey the other a DJ, which makes for great combination of understanding of how to make a well structured track and what it should sound like. The first release from Dirty Saffi was in 2009 and since then they have released over 20 tracks on 5 different labels, most of their releases are on their home label 'Bom Shanka Music' where their début album 'Beauty and the bitch' was released. They have been playing their live set in many countries and many of the biggest festivals, as well as countless underground parties where their high energy live set ensures that the dancefloor rocks and no one leaves without a smile on their face.

Gold Gold
Umami Umami
Doing Lines Doing Lines
Beauty & The Bitch Beauty & The Bitch
Fat Lines Fat Lines
Hadra Trance Festival 2012 Hadra Trance Festival 2012
Bloodlines - Compiled by DJ Nuky Bloodlines - Compiled by DJ Nuky
Careful Round Us Careful Round Us
No Funny Business No Funny Business
The Reaction The Reaction
The Laboratory The Laboratory
Elemental Psyche Elemental Psyche