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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: JIKOOHA

JIKOOHA....the wave of time and space in Japanese

Tokyo-based trance outfit JIKOOHA comprises two Japanese, Jun and Shimodi, who played in a punk and new wave influenced alternative rock band in early 1990s. In 1996, they found the sound of Goa Trance that led them to form Jikooha in 1997 and started to produce their own trance tracks. While remained committed to their unique mixture of dance and punk, Jikooha's eclectic and unique sound shows their love of all music. THey are experimental, sometimes excessively so, in taking in different sounds and styles from myriad of "genre" in their production; the process they believe is their search for spiritual journey.

JIKOOHA has been playing at parties nationwide from 1999 and has released several tracks. Their first full-album "NEW BREED" was released in 2003 on Tod Aquarium Records. The 2nd album called "SHAMANARCHY" was released on Panorama Records in 2006. The title "SHAMANARCHY" combines elements of the two main influences of JIKOOHA, Goa spiritualism and the anarchic tendencies of punk rock. JIKOOHA's sound combines the essences of both Goa and rock for live shows with blistering electronics and real guitars.


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