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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Indidginus

As the name implies, Indidginus is a look into foreign cultures where the sounds are local to those inhabitants of the region. Michael Martin is Indidginus and he resides in Cape Town where the land of Africa meets the sea on its southern shore. South Africa is a melting pot influenced by many cultures from around the globe. So too is the work of Indidginus. Martin pulls together an expression of the world’s music, blending electronic beats amongst the sounds of his personal didgeridoo. Foreign instruments and languages work to transport his modern medium of electronic music.

Michael has been creating music for several years now. It began with a love of the didg and a personal trip to Tanzania where the idea grew to incorporate his instrument into danceable music. His journey into electronica transformed into his solo work as Indidginus. Along his musical voyage he collaborates with Matt Hillier of Ishq on a project entitled Open System, where their unique styles meld beautifully together.

Indidginus music is not easily classified, with styles ranging from ambient/downtempo to progressive psytrance. His tracks are groovy, intricate & funky & will keep you coming back for more. In his live performances, Michael makes use of the slide didgeridoo.


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