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Wrecked Machines Vs Pixel  

Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Wrecked Machines is Gabriel Serrasqueiro, Pixel is Eli Biton Tal

Wrecked Machines:

Dj Gabe shows up in the brazilian eletronic scene in 2000. This time, he was working at Galeria Ouro Fino, the temple of the electronic scene in Brazil, having contact with the most renamed techno Djs like Renato Lopes, Gil Bárbara, Mau Mau and many others. But it was on the trance scene he established himself.

Influenced by his friends, Gabe decided not being just one more dj and looked for a new way to show his work. Instead of playing in parties, he decided to invest on production and a few months after he was already releasing his productions at Wajanga Records.

After releasing a few tracks, he was invited to join the EtnicaNet Crew and started doing his live act, Wrecked Machines, all around the world in places like Japan, Germany, South Africa, Israel, Portugal and Mexico. On June of 2003 he released his first international album thru, in partnership with Solstice Records - the biggest trance label in Japan, this time; he was already being considered one of the revelations of the trance scene in the world.

Due to the success of his productions, by the end of 2003, Gabe signs with Spun Records, who manages the careers of many top international artists. At this time, Wrecked Machines was being elected by many media vehicles the best live act and the best trance producer of Brazil.


Pixel is Eli Biton Tal, born 1979, living in the center of Israel. He started DJ'ing in 1999 and began creating his own music in 2000. In 2001 Pixel started to DJ back to back with Domestic, a successful collaboration which lasted 4 years. During this time, they made music together as Dual Head and compiled a very successful compilation called 'Think Sync'. Pixel released his debut album – "Reality strikes back" on November 2004 and his tracks have been released on leading labels such as TIP world, Spun and Solstice. He is touring the world extensively

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