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International Peoples Gang  

Genre: Chillout
Description: International Peoples Gang is Martyn and Ric
Martyn has never stopped writing, while Ric has been touring the world in his role as engineer and producer, most recently taking UK upstarts Amusement Parks On Fire to the States and around the European festival circuit. Most recently, IPG played the Bestival, providing the soundtrack for a field converted into a huge moving art installation alongside XFM’s Nick Luscombe. What would become Action Painting began to take shape three years ago. And, as one would expect from something nurtured over that time, the album, like the magnolia flower, slowly reveals its beauty, taking time to unveil its hidden depths. Often warm and comforting, there is an air of menace and the unexpected; Action Painting might invite you take a seat in the most welcoming of armchairs, but it’s not above making the walls melt and the floor come alive around you.

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