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Genre: Electronica
Description: Badun

Badun´s adventurous, and narrative music is the product of three people (Oliver Duckert, Aske Krammer & Hjalte Møller)
In 2003 the group was formed with the ambition to create a new musical genre, somewhere in between abstract digital sound design, non-repetitive idm and the free spirit of seventies fusion jazz.
The first couple of years was spend experimenting with different styles which led to a very strict working method:
All sounds used by the band have to be been generated, recorded and manipulated by the band themselves.
This approach tells a lot about the bands very organic attitude and strict working process, that allows no room for easy sampling solutions.
Baduns music is based on recordings of instruments such as electric bass, guitar, rhodes, drums, analog synths as well as various field recordings which is being manipulated through homemade software.
These elements are then being rearranged by the band in a very detailed manner, which results in an interesting tension between control and chaos.


Last Night Sleep Last Night Sleep