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Banco De Gaia  

Genre: Chillout
Description: Banco De Gaia

Banco De Gaia has been performing and releasing for over 25 years now, along the way becoming one of the music industry’s most maverick innovators. His legacy is as glittering as it is diverse, ranging from Hollywood film sound credits to the critically acclaimed ‘Last Train to Lhasa’, first released in 1995 to a rapturous reception. His live act still packs out venues and festivals all over the world, with audio visual performances renowned for their explosive, cutting edge quality: from sampling wizardry fused with haunting vocals and poignant acoustics to genre-hopping musical instrumentals, all accompanied by socially engaged visuals.

Behind Banco de Gaia is artist Toby Marks. Starting out as a drummer in a metal band, he began using sampling kit to cut his own tunes after falling in love with electronica during the 1980s acid house era. By the early 90s, after winning respect for a clutch of credits on the Ambient Dub compilations, he was signed to Planet Dog Records and released ‘Maya’ in 1994, and then ‘Last Train to Lhasa’ in 1995. Both albums featured an artfully arranged cocktail of textured samples and live instrumentals lifted from across the world. Both went straight to No. 1 in the UK Independent Charts as well as sweeping through the international electronica scene, making him, along with the likes of The Orb, one of the early pioneers of ‘chill out’.

Since then, Banco de Gaia has released a further 8 studio albums, 1 live album, 1 live DVD and 15 EP’s, plus also runs his own label, Disco Gecko Recordings. He went back to basics in 2014 with a sold-out 20th anniversary CD-only – no streams or downloads available - release of ‘Maya’, and did the same in 2015 with ‘Last Train To Lhasa’.

With new album ‘The 9th of Nine Hearts’ due out this October, with guest collaborators including Pink Floyd’s Dick Parry, Zero 7’s Sophie Barker and No-Man’s Tim Bowness, it’s become clear that Toby Marks, legendary trail blazer of hybrid electronica, is here to stay.

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