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Genre: Chillout
Description: Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is a music project consisting of Mathias Eriksson and Andreas Lingbrand. Both have been making music for a couple of years (mostly electronic). In the summer 2004 Yggdrasil was born.

At first lot of psychedelic chill-out music as a result, but later started mixing it with Scandinavian folk music. Working in two studios, with professional folk musicians Yggdrasil are now developing a new sound within the psychedelic music scene. Using computers, synthesizers, guitars, fiddle, keyed fiddle, percussions, jaw´s harps and vocals, some mysterious tales from the north are being told.

Mathias Eriksson has produced music as MEEO with an album released on Demon Tea recordings in 2007 as well as work with Dark Nebula on his well known album Weird Sound Generator released on Digital Psionics in 2008.

Sacred Knowledge Of Ancient Civilizations Sacred Knowledge Of Ancient Civilizations