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Genre: Chillout
Description: Kuba is Laurence Harvey.
Taking up classical guitar at 8 years old, Laurence wasted no time in forming his first band at primary school, aged 10! Two years later, his second band BTM achieved notable local success, doing concerts across East Anglia. They supported several big name bands including Sensor and Noah, playing in East Anglia venues frequented by Oasis, Arthur Brown and other bands of the era.
He started experimenting with electronic music from age 16, getting to work with a borrowed SH101 synth & and Atari computer. After working in various studios with the band, it was a natural progression for him to set up a studio himself.
In 98, after learning the ropes, he hooked up with George Barker and James Munro of Flying Rhino records. This opened the doors to working on Dance & Electronica music genres. Within a couple of years of working in the studio he had learned to play bass, drums, piano, sitar and flute. From then he took off on his own to produce his own music, expressing himself on a full range of instruments.
Laurence’s first published work was on a Liquid Sound compillation, Mana Medecine, for which he did collaborations with Youth, Humphrey Bacchus & Nigel Watson (Opus 3). By the time he was 22, he played guitar, strings & bass on a commercial project produced by Youth, which led to a run of gigs around the UK. He then went on to collaborate with son of Kinks’ founder member, Russell Davies. They produced a trio of tracks for Zulu Lounge Records (Mexico) which received great acclaim around the world.
Another collaborator of his is Michelle Adams, vocalist for Shpongle & Alan Parsons. Their most recent release was a project for Sony Japan. More recently, he has been in negotiations with Café del Mar.
During this time he had been developing his own sound, inspired by Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, John Martyn and a legacy of other innovators. This has lead to the birth of KUBA and the release of this debut album.
With so many contacts and collaborators in the alternative scene, Kuba tracks have been previewed during the album’s development. People who heard the music throughout 2004-2005 started showing real interest; which led to a run of performances at festivals around the world, including Glastonbury, Glade Festival, Omni, Synergy, Strawberry Fair…


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