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Beat Krush  

Genre: Psy Trance

He has continued musical activities since the late 90's and is an  artist who lives in Kumamoto.The RAVE culture is experienced through  the BAND activity by Kumamoto in 1999, and meeting DJ activity begins  with PSYCHEDELIC TECHNO MUSIC. It goes to Tokyo in 2000. It acts as a  guitarist of 『PANORAMA AFRO that it is Tokyo and is the  alternative rock band. Full album 'DISCOTHEQUE PLANET' is done in  2001, and the whole country is released from『ROTTEN  ORANGE』 and a nationwide tour is done. The base is moved to  Kumamoto with the BAND secession, and by the side and the DJ& solo  work that acts as a sound engineer are begun. The artist who has co- starred with PLAY that exceeds the fence of CLUBMUSIC with BANDSOUND  so far is indeed various. DJ's PLAYSTYLE acts with DJ PLAY that  develops while lacing an original track by wide selection. The DJ  STYLE that does PLAY in various places feature. It gropes for the real pleasure of ROCK, DANCE, FUNK, and music every day. Moreover, it  works on the flier design and the CD jacket design, etc. besides the  music activity and the artist who keeps always challenging the art  culture, and sending it.

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