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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: .

Shalys is full on project of Laurent Alain from Nantes in North-West France.

His first experience with music was playing the keyboard from the age of 13. In 1989 he discovered techno music and immediately fell in love with this new sound. In 2001 he began making music for fun with a groovy, psychedelic style, but only started to become truly passionate about music when he began his DJ career in 2006. He was soon playing at many parties in France, his obvious enjoyment behind the decks passing through to the public.

In 2007 he began producing Full On seriously under the project Shalys, working every day to improve his style and 2010 saw the release of his first tracks. He also has a second progressive project called Spacediver which he started in 2009.

Shalys, now signed with Free-Spirit Records, wants to invite you to continue on this musical adventure with him and help you discover its world.

Athvika Athvika
Free Spirit Vol. 6 - Phosphenes Compiled By Jay OM Free Spirit Vol. 6 - Phosphenes Compiled By Jay OM