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Dan Lo Fi  

Genre: Electronica

Dan Lo Fi

Daniel Pugh composes and produces music using a broad range of acoustic sounds such as violin, voice,
guitar and piano, digitally manipulated and mixed with analogue techno and dub-electronica sound palettes.

Dan is a classically trained violinist who began writing music using a BBC Microcomputer in the late 1980's. Regarded as one of the most prolific BBC Micro music makers of the time, with well over 50 tracks to his name still preserved for BBC Micro emulators (to be found on websites like Electron User).

Around the same time he started writing songs for the indie band Pavlov with lyricist / singer James Royal-Lawson, a friend from the BBC Microcomputer scene. They released the "Hailstone EP" on 7" vinyl in 1991
and their cover of "Blue Eyes'"appeared on a "Tribute to the Wedding Present" CD.

During a spell at Art College he fell in love with the sound of Detroit techno and Chicago house. With new inspiration, he started creating a different kind of electronic music using the moniker DJP. Initially using just a Korg DDD1 drum machine, and then borrowing bits of kit from friends. This 'hands on' concept is where the
"Lo Fi'" part of his current moniker originates from.

In 1998 his grungy break-beat track "Shoe Gazer Star Gazer" appeared on the cover mount CD of Future Music magazine. For two years he was a DJ on legendary dance internet radio station Gaia Live. In January
2008 he won the Fame Games Radio Show Effigy Award for 'Best Artist in Style - Electronica'.

Dan has produced remixes for artists such as Sam Sparro, Empath, Paul Blackford, Sunosis, Runningonair and most recently the official remix of  the Some Velvet Morning track, “How To Start A Revolution” – the bands original featured in the Kick Ass movie trailer.

Recent releases include “Five Bar Funk” a 7” vinyl split with Noakes Pressure for Projector Records, “Chamber Electronica EP#1 – For Vocal and Violin Samples”, available for digital download, and in 2010, “Rebel Creator”, his first official full length album.