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Genre: Chillout
Description: DJ Ovnimoon is Hector Stuardo
DJ Ovnimoon is Hector Stuardo from Chile, Santiago .

Since he was a child, he had a well marked inclination to dance music. Back then he liked disco music, breakdance, eurobeat, basicly all kinds of club music. When he was a teen, his thing was 100% dance music, he works just eurobeat, while his favourite group was "2 unlimited". with the years he discovered lots of other styles like house, techno and the wonderful trance among others. Unfortunatly in Chile he had a few options to listen to this kinds of music.

At the age of eleven he started mixing his first room, thats how he learned to play. In the middle 90's, when he began to listen to dj siddharta's radio show called "maquina dance", he felt the greatest joy by listening to this magical music, that special energy and cosmic power. Since then, he began to search for more music, to meet the people involved in this ambient, and then he decided that his dj style would be trough goatrance and psychedelic music.

He started playing in many private parties, then he continued playing at clubs, festivals and in the most important events in Chile like "earthdance", "Open Rave", "Love Parade Chile 2005 and 2006" and also in the productionof many parties, dj encounters and other related activities. Almost three years ago, he began to compose his music, first as a simple game with no future expectations, but then when he compilates his first cd with eight of his productions, specially dedicated to his friends, He plays some of them in the earth dance 2002 event (dj set), with a great respond from the public.

In that same year he sent a cd with his tracks to a new label in Austria (G-ISIS), which was never made due to money issues. Later Synergetic records showed interest in Ovnimoon's track "kantum", since then everything changed for this young musician, a lucky strike and a change on his life. Since "kantum" got published, he hasn't stopped making new tracks. Besides having the oportunity of sharing records with atrists who have his admiration, such as: safi and Jirah, he also could mix a safi track and make his own compilation.

His music is very simple, but it goes with positive vibes and a high energy. his music conceptis try to balance full on sounds, with soft melodies, some kind of musical ying-yang.

Inti Inti
Phases Of Madness Phases Of Madness
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