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Terra Nine  

Genre: Chillout

Terra Nine is Michael Westcot.

New Zealand based Terra Nine, aka Michael Westcot, is hardly your typical digital artist. He draws upon his mesmeric ability as a violinist  to produce the ultimate synergy of lush organic strings and groovy, chilled electronic beats. Westcot’s sweeping, panoramic musical vision and startling technique set him apart from the droves of  computer geek number crunchers releasing generic, inter changeable tunes. A latter day cyber Mozart he demands to be taken seriously and listened to repeatedly.
His releases span labels such as  Psy Harmonics, Cosmicleaf, Ajana, ZYX, Green Ant, and Tempest Recordings. His live performances have stunned audiences throughout Australasia, and an incursion into Europe is due soon.

“Strange Craft” is the fourth album from this talented artist, and for the first time Westcot presents the ambient/ downtempo sounds which have made him a favourite of the chill spaces.

Featured in collaboration are Hesius Dome (PsyHarmonics), Arcane Trickster (Tempest), Side Liner (Cosmicleaf) & The Omm Squad (Tempest).


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