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Genre: Chillout
Description: Cabeiri

Behind the Cabeiri project, lie two talented brothers from Athens (GREECE). Dimitris and Nick Vavalos, 32 and 30 years old. Since their youngest age, they've heard a wide range of music genres. That gave them the inspiration to start composing electronic music, four years ago.

Dimitris started to perform DJ sets in private parties, and soon got addicted to psychedelic music. He started to compose psychedelic music, along with a friend, and created some psychedelic trance tracks, which is mainly characterized by trance melodies and fast rhythms, but they didn't release any of them until today.2 years ago he begun to organize events , as a member of the" Organic Dream " team. In the meantime,  he has spent many hours studying music production software’s.

Nick's devotion to the early progressive scene in Athens, drove him into composing down tempo, ambient and atmospheric music . In the meantime, he studied  “Music with technology and sound engineering " and he recently graduated. Most of the time, he is sitting in front of his P.C, trying to put his music skills into perfection.

We hope that our music make you travel to other places, and give pleasure to your ears

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