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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Hishiryo is DJ Shenz from France

Hishiryo has been a DJ since 2000. He began to create music in 2004. His style is "Night fast psytrance" and sometimes, he makes ambient and chillout as well. He has already played in France, Sweden, Switzerland, United States and in Spain.
He is a part of Kabrathor Recs and he is also represented on: Devils Mind Records (Sweden), Tantrumm (India), and Cannibal Syndrom Rec (Sweden).

His other projects include:
Jigsaw [Hishiryo vs D-fragmental (a.k.a. Dj Zapata)]
Hishiryo vs Kiriyama ( Sweden )
Shenz vs. Baphomet Engine (Brazil).
Labels where Shenz figure: Trishula, Golden Dawn, Tantrum, Hypnotica and Cannibal Syndrom Recs.