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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Xatrik is Greg Hamber.

xatrik is Greg Hamber from Cape Town. He began in 1998 with Green Citizen, a live electronic trans group. From the beginning his major interest and personal style has been about sound experimentation, movement & groove and .. abstract humour.
Xatrik's solo career includes 2 solo albumns and releases on various compilations on Digital Psionics, Timecode, Afrogalactic, and others. He has also enjoyed working on collaborative projects with other artists like Slug, Phyx and Lost & Found.

Disc-o-graphy :
2001 Flip Da Switch Africa in Trance (Microdot Records)
2002 File 2 Orbius Tertius (Timecode Records)
Level 3 Psychedelic Picnic (Mushroom Mafia Records)
2003 Midnite Alien Safari (Afrogalactic Records)
Sic Science (Xatrik & the Slug) Cipher (Timecode Records)
Stereopathy South African Vibration (Panorama Records)
Use Ur EQ (Xatrik & the Slug) Reloaded (Afrogalactic Records)
2004 Project A Album (Digital Psionics)
Rodeo Boogie (Xatrik & Phyx) Psionic Storm (Digital Psionics)
2005 Play the tune Vibraspirit 11 (Sundance Records)
2005 The Spice Psionic Circus (Digital Psionics)
2005 Waki Tabacci Compilation (Kutuh Records)
2005 Melon Smoothie (Digital Psionics)
2006 Frankie 5 of Diamonds (Pixan)
2006 Elastik Ice (Multistate) (MMD)
2006 HQ (Multistate) (Timecode)
2006 Granma Death (Multistate) (Nexus-Media)


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