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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Drumatik is Benjamin Klingemann
Drumatik is Benjamin Klingemann, one of Switzerland's upcoming talents whose hard psychedelic trance has been rocking dancefloors and gaining a growing number of followers.

The 25 year-old half-German, half-American musician and producer has been attracted to rhythm and music ever since he can remember. His first drum kit at the age of three marked the practical beginning of a life-long passion. As a teenager, he perfected his play at the conservatory and became the drummer of a funk-rock band. He also started working in a music shop, a job that allows him to be in touch with new technologies in a professional setting.

At the end of the nineties, Benjamin discovered electronic music and began to dj in raves. Shortly afterwards, he was introduced into the parallel universe of psychedelic trance, where he was instantly attracted both to the evolution of new sounds and the richness of the psy-culture. He was hooked! The next few years saw Benjamin a.k.a. Dj Smart Side, spinning the decks at a growing number of parties and festivals in Switzerland and Europe.

The next natural steps were a computer, a studio and the need to go further and produce his own sound with the help of his solid rhythmic background. At the beginning of 2004, the DRUMATIK project was born!

In the past two years, Drumatik has played at many parties in Switzerland, France and Morocco among others. His most recent endeavor being the celebration of Albert Hoffmann's 100th birthday in Basel, Switzerland, in January 2006. Drumatik has played alongside artists such as Naked Tourist, Ocelot, Digital Talk, Neuromotor, Hyper Frequencies, Phatmatix, Yab-Yum and Eskimo In 2006, he is already scheduled to perform his live act at parties in Germany, Austria, Poland and Switzerland.

Since his debut release on Peak Record's compilation "Peak-a-Boo" in 2004, Drumatik has been a regular on Peak's night-time releases. "Peak Process" is his debut full-length album to be released in March 2006. Dropout Productions will feature one of his tracks on a compilation expected in March 2006. Drumatik is also planning a parallel project that will feature his drum set mixed with breakbeat and drum'n'bass.Stay tuned for more manic twists!

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