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Third Ear Audio  

Genre: Dub
Description: Third Ear Audio

Third Ear Audio is two friends, Nick Barber (Doof) and Celli Firmi (Earthling). Nick is from the UK and Celli was born and raised on the island of Ibiza, which is where they first met back in the mid-90s through the trance party scene. Nick was already producing music and DJing as Doof, with numerous releases on Dragonfly, T.I.P, Twisted, Matsuri, Blue Room and various other independent dance labels, including the now classic first Doof album 'Let's Turn On" (T.I.P Records/re-issued on Twisted Records). At that time Celli was just starting a career in music production and DJing which within a short while would see him become one of the leading talents in the psy-scene, working closely with old friends G.M.S and Spun Records, releasing his own music as Earthling and numerous collaborations including Soundaholix and Vatos Locos (Sony Music/Dragonfly).

Nick and Celli used to DJ together at the many outdoor free parties on Ibiza, often playing ping-pong sets as a duo. They decided to try and make some music together, and from these early laptop sessions came the tracks that would eventually lead to the formation of the Vatos Locos project with Mexican DJ and good friend Xavier Fux.

When Nick moved from London to Ibiza he and Celli set up a studio together in the house they shared. In between working on dance tracks for Vatos Locos they started producing downtempo and chill-out tracks which eventually became the basis for the Third Ear Audio project. Covering a range of musical influences from trance, chill-out electronica thru dub to big-beat and rock, and incorporating live instruments including sessions with Mexican percussionist and tabla-wizard Rupesh and flautist Nidra Sofia, the Third Ear album pretty much covers the spectrum of deep-chillage, reflecting Celli and Nick's varied musical tastes.


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