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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Ibojima is Mathias Andersson & Magnus Holte

Ibojima is a psy-trance group from the land of the Vikings, Sweden. The group are the 2 members: Mathias Molly Kulator Andersson and Magnus Holte.They were recognized by the famous psytrance artist Safi Connection and he went to Sweden and recorded the first track with Ibojima called Awakening Of Dawn which was released on Spliff Music’s compilation Propaganda.

Molly Kulator has been an established DJ since as far back as 1992, mainly focused on the trance music. He has been playing all around the globe but wanted to make a move as an artist / producer also. So he hooked up with his long time buddy Magnus which later resulted in the psychedelic group Ibojima. Magnus worked as an artist with his former group Juice back in 1996-1997 and released 2 singles signed to Polygram / Mercury Records. He has been writing and producing for more than 10 years.

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