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Genre: Psy Trance

In these modern times new technologies give many possibillities to perform live on stage. You can just choose to press 'play' on a laptop, or you can go the hard way and do as much live as is humanly possible. Lani live isn't just another live act; they actually take their hardware sequencers, a 32 channel mixer, some synths, remixing every track live on stage with on top of this a profesional sound engineer to keep every sound moving in the right direction.

On stage, they can run only kick and bassline for as long as they feel like. On top of this, new sounds can be created on stage, with all instruments that are available, this can go from synths, guitars, piano, live percussion, didgeridoo etc... to professional live musicians that are met on the road and like to jam around live after a quick rehersal before the party They like to experiment on stage. Anything is possible!

With there unique style of sequence mixing, cutting guitars and massive melodies, they take "LIVE" to another level!!! The advantage of this way of working, is that they can perform as long as they feel like in the way that they prefer on that moment.  Every sound available can be adapted and all sounds can be modulated live with filters and fx.

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