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Genre: Psy Trance

Mantrix is Benjamin Last and Richard Hinkson.

Mantrix aka Benjamin Last and Richard Hinkson are a Melbourne based Psy-Trance duo that have been producing and performing since 1993. With solid musical production foundations, as well as extensive knowledge of musical theory and instrumentation, Mantrix have developed a unique alchemy of live electronic and instrumental performance and composition. The dynamic duo has united countless dance floors with their unique sets, earning the respect and admiration of many fans and event organisers.

For about seven years to date, Mantrix have toured Australia, performing at open air festivals such as Outback Eclipse, Exodus, Woodford, Rainbow Serpent (six times), Earthcore (five times), Earthdance (five times). Mantrix are known for their dedication to putting on spectacular shows, such as Earthdance Melbourne 2004, where their set included a jam with Australian rock legends, Regurgitator, Tibetan chanting, Indigenous Australian dancers, screaming guitar solos and a stage full of tribal percussion.

Mantrix have been known to run their own nights, in which they provide all the music for the whole night, including everything from live ambient performances with middle eastern musicians and vocalists, to live Hard Trance sets and DJing everything from World music, to funky disco sets, to full on Psy-Trance. With a strong tribal backbone, Mantrix’s music has matured to be appreciated by a wide audience, while still satisfying their fans among the Trance communities. With a professional edge that successfully fuses Ben’s shamanic percussive energy and Richie’s melodic wizardry, Mantrix create a distinctive, yet diverse strain of Psy-Trance that hypnotises their fans, and truly rocks the party.

Since the age of thirteen Ben Last has explored the power of music in his life. Starting on the drum kit, he began his drumming career with a love of heavy metal, grunge and thrash music. He was later joined by Richard on guitar when they started a high school band together, C3PO. It was then that Mantrix found their musical connection.
As Ben was introduced to the rave scene, he was instantly attracted to the trance like nature of the dance and began visiting regular parties, going off on the dance floor.
Ben began playing other forms of percussion and soon found himself leading the drumming circles in to a trance with his powerful playing and high energy. Drawn by a love of eastern music he then extended his percussion skills to Indian and Middle Eastern percussion. Ben began producing psy-trance through his love of tribal trance and electro beats. Ben has recently extended his music production skills to film scores, sound design and corporate Djing. Currently, Ben also performs in Fingers of Fury, a three-piece Middle Eastern percussion group, and with Underbelly, an African and Turkish dance organization. He is also part of Atlantis, a collaboration project which focuses mainly on ambient soundscapes and world beats. Through his extensive involvement in many bands, Ben has also become an experienced and incredible live performance artist. He sees the future of music being one that cross fuses electronic and acoustic instrumentation to deliver a sound that is both new and ancient, simultaneously.

Richard Hinkson has been composing and performing music since 1988. Being involved in numerous bands of many styles throughout his teens, he avoided most of his schoolwork but achieved outstanding grades in music throughout his studies. He is a skilled instrumentalist, excelling on Guitar and Sitar, as well as having advanced knowledge of music theory and composition in both western and eastern cultures. He became involved in electronic music in 1994, which led to live digital music performance, sound engineering, and advanced sound production. Incorporating acoustic musicians and instrumentation with his electronic expertise, he has been producing music of a modern essence, which can be appreciated by a very broad audience. Richard has worked very hard for a long time to support his musical passion. He now runs a multi functional musical career consisting of remixing, studio production of a broad range of sound projects, and production consulting to advise on technical / creative techniques, live system design, and performance. Currently Richard also produces and remixes radio and club music under the name of D-Code, and is the founder and central organiser of Atlantis, in which he has pulled together a large bunch of talented producers and musicians, to create Ambient soundscapes, and world beats. He is also experienced in designing, and producing large production ceremonies for Festivals such as Earthdance. Richard’s music and passion for all things of sound, are heartfelt and inspiring.